Blue for sudan

Blue lights are turning on all around the world. May we all live to see us all connected in peace and solidarity someday. Not in tragedy but in hope and love.
Let there be light 🌌💙🌍
The Internet has been shut down in SUDAN . We are counting on you to a spread awareness in whatever way you can .

May we all someday live in a world free of dictatorship and is built by real people.



It is my first time to post something but Itis really painful to  witness  what happened to this little girl  who her only fault that she live in country that deprived women from their simple right …..

Noura is 19 year – old  Sudanese girl  has been sentenced to death for fetally stabbing the man who was forced to marry ..who she says rripped her as his relatives held her down …unfortunately in Sudan the legal age of marriage is only 10 and martial is legal..

It is so scary knowing that I love is such a country I’m very terrified knowing that I have to rise a family here 


” you can hold onto a ten-pound weight with a little  difficulty ,but if you try to hold the weight r a hours , your arms will strain  , get tense , and feel weak .psychological weight that carry is no different . we can think about r loss.our memories of the past .or worries about the future, and they will not cause us much suffering . but the longer  we dwell on those thoughts the heavier the g. and the more stressed, tense, and weak we feel “